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The Marks Of The Military Coins

Have you ever wondered how a coin can be meaningful? It is possible through the visibility of challenge coins such as the military coins.

The Symbol And Uses Of Military Coins

A military coin is a type of a challenge coin that is also referred to as medallion. A challenge coin is like a token that implies the bearer as a member of an organization. In the military, it is an emblem commemorating a person’s service. This can also enhance the morale of the bearer. Sometimes the coin is given to the bearer as an award or reward for the exemplary performance he shows in his duty.

For example, the US Military during the Vietnam War gave challenge coins to soldiers who showed exemplary service. The officers awarded the soldiers with a unit coin for their performances that were worthy of recognition. This challenging coin becomes popular during the First Persian Gulf War in 1990 and 1991.

Military Coins

The Military coin also represents the marks of courage and strength. This is reflected on a challenge coin which was called the “Bull Dog.” This is used in the United States Air Force and exclusive to B-52 which were the tail gunners. However, these were phased out and the coin has become scarcer.

Those who are retired, and to the civilian personnel working in government agencies are sometimes given this distinct symbol too. They are also given as a respect and a sign of “welcome” to those special guests and dignitaries that are invited. The traditional giving of military coins is practiced in countries like United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and Canada, among others.

The Features Of Military Coins

The coins can be of various designs, shapes, sizes, and metal styles. Among the shapes of the coin that you can choose from is the round coin. This can be 1.50 inches to 3 inches in diameter. Other shapes are polygon shape, the dog tape shape, and the square shape. The designs can be customized according to your requirements and specifications.

There are also many metal styles that you can choose from. Among them are the polished gold, polished silver, polished brass, polished copper, antique gold, antique silver, antique brass, antique copper, black and nickel metal, and tone metal. The coins are manufactured by some companies and suppliers. You can have coin options too.

You can make them into bottle opener, coin cutouts, diamond cut edges, 3D Designs, key chains engraved rim text, velvet bags, translucent enamel, coin capsules, Antiquing effects, velvet bags, and PVC pouches, among others. The manufacturers create your coin depending on your specifications and they would turn it to a unique coin.

The Process Of Making Military Coins

There are two methods on how to make a military coin namely the zinc alloy die casting and the die struck bronze. The zinc alloy die casting is cost effective. It has two methods such as the cold chamber method and the hot chamber method.

In cold chamber method, there is a separate chamber that melts the metal and then it will be inserted into the dies. The zinc alloy is inoculated into the dies too. On the other hand, in the hot chamber method the zinc metal alloy that is liquefied is inserted into dies and pressurize until it becomes harden.

The die struck bronze produces high quality coins because of its methods. The artwork is engraved from the steel dies and is stamped in the coin press. It is pressurized too with about 1000 tons. Coins that are made through die struck bronze are more expensive than the coins that are made from zinc alloy casting.