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A Buyer’s Guide in Buying Cheap Golf Clubs

Cost efficiency is the primary reason why one would purchase used or cheap golf clubs. However, you need to be careful on doing this or else instead of being able to save money, you might be spending money on not-so-good buys.

Before parting with your hard-earned savings, consider the following guidelines on buying cheap golf clubs. These would protect you not only from wasting your money from wrong purchases but also from losing so many rounds due to poor play because of low quality golf clubs. Remember, buying discounted golf clubs do not have warranty on them so you are on your own once you bought them. Therefore, be wise and be careful.


Guides on buying cheap golf clubs

1. Assess what you need to buy first. The rules of golf allow you to have 14 clubs in the golf bag. There are four categories of golf clubs, namely putter, iron, woods and wedges. For your baseline set, you would need a driver, a putter, 3-wood, 5-wood and 3 iron. This is the basic set but as you go on to becoming a pro, you could adjust the set based on what you think is perfect for you. Once you are decided on the things that you need to buy, start your search for your clubs.

2. Buy only from refutable people, shops or online sites. There are many sellers of used golf clubs but how well do you know them? Make your homework and do research. Check the websites or the reputation of the one selling the clubs. Read the forums. Ask people who are more experienced than you. Look around before you make the final purchase. Do not be swayed with the marketing strategy of speedy buying or last day of sale gimmicks. This is the best time to take it slow and look at the products more carefully. Remember, if the offer is too good to be true, then it is probably exactly that.

3. Examine the club head very carefully. This is very basic and important. Do not buy the golf club even if the whole club looks real good except for the head. Scrutinize the details. How is the condition of the club head? Is it visibly worn? Is there a soft luster on the surface? If there is, that could be indicative of dullness to a sheen, which is not a good sign of a good golf club. A good buy is one which club head is in good condition.

4. Another important thing to note is the condition of the shaft of the golf club. Put in mind that a good swing is also dependent on a good shaft, among other things. A good shaft, on the other hand, has many factors to be considered. Is it straight or crooked? Are there any nicks, cracks, chips, dents or any type of wear and tear on it? What is it made of?

5. Check the grips. Discover how you would feel when you hold the golf club. If it feels right, then that is a good sign. Trust your feelings and go with the club that feels right rather than sounds right.

6. Buy cheap golf clubs at the right time. When is the best time? Usually after the Christmas season, around January to March. You would find good deals because this is usually the time that people sell some of their equipment.

Buying cheap golf clubs can be a daunting experience but it can also be a very rewarding event in your life. Make it fun and increase your knowledge in the process as you get to know more people and learn more about the golf clubs, at the same time.