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David Newton Art at Redbubble

David is a British artist living in Birmingham who paints vibrant pieces focusing on the Art Nouveau style with a hint of Fauvism, Impressionism and Cubism thrown in for good measure.

He says “My interest in drawing and painting probably began as a child, art quickly became my favourite subject at school and I went on to study A-Level Art and Design and gained a place at the prestigious Bournville College of Art, though I wavered this to study for a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration at BIAD.

Since then I’ve worked as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist, an in-house designer and a scenic artist for Walsall Illuminations, my largest complete painting being a whopping sixteen feet long and twelve feet high. Unfortunately, I’ve found most aspects of commercial art and design fairly unrewarding, so I made the decision to return to my artistic roots and concentrate on painting.”

Here’s a selection of work available from his Redbubble Online Store; WavyNewt

Blue Teasels by wavynewt Purple Forest by wavynewt The Clearing by wavynewt

The Yelp by wavynewt Hyperborea by wavynewt Kandinsky's Kats by wavynewt

Blue Forest 2 by wavynewt Fatherless Barn by wavynewt Blue Forest 3 by wavynewt



The Significance Of Photography In Society

An article for you today written by Stephen Potts who is a photographer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. When he’s not taking pictures he loves to blog about the photography industry – as he’s done today for us.

Cameras by Bethan

Image from Bethan at Flickr

The Significance Of Photography In Society.

Modern photography was born in 1839 with the invention of the daguerreotype by Louis Daguerre. This invention could reproduce fleeting images on a metal plate in about half an hour. Photography has grown since then with many developments ranging from 35mm film to digital imaging.


Photography has had a significant effect on how we remember things in society. Photography offers an instant means of capturing actual events, giving us a slice of reality. Some photography theorists have described photography as a sovereign contingency. This means photography is dependent on other factors happening in society. Photographs are just a confirmation of memory.


Photography plays an important role in how we perceive history. It has provided an objective means of recording real events. Photography plays an important role in how we perceive important events in history including the horrors of the two World Wars, the holocaust and the Rwandan genocide among others. However, many people are now aware that photographs can be manipulated.


A significant impact of photography has been the number of people employed in the industry. The number of professionals in this industry has increased especially since the invention of the 35mm film in the 1920s. This innovation meant more people were needed to sell and service photographic elements. New employment opportunities were also created with the increased need for people to work as photojournalists, editors and in photography agencies and libraries.


In its earliest form, photography was reserved for the rich. However, the invention of the instant camera and 35mm film meant the public could also engage in photography. Anyone could use this device by pointing and clicking the shoot button. This made photography a widely used art form.


The camera has been an invaluable research tool due to its ability to give us a slice of reality. Photography has been used to record evidence on field trips, take photos of remote tribes, animal species, and even record what happens in space. It is because of photography that certain discoveries were made. For example, the first consecutive photos of a horse in quick succession proved that at some instances, a horse has all four legs off the ground when running. Photographic technology is accredited with certain discoveries in brain scanning and assessment of the human anatomy.


Many photography enthusiasts argue that photography liberated traditional arts from representation. Traditional arts include literature, sculpture and painting. Before photography, art was used simply to reproduce the world. With photography, people can reproduce the world better and in a much faster manner. This made artists to look for new forms of operation. Eventually, many forms of art that range from modernism to abstract expressionism were born.


A majority of photographers, as you’ll know, are self-employed including commercial and editorial photographers. These professionals enjoy many benefits. Some of the benefits of self-employed photographers and those in fine arts are that they can negotiate the pay for each project they undertake, they work with different clients and build their profiles, which increases the demand for their services. These professionals earn residual income by developing libraries of stock photos to license. Self-employed photographers make thousands of pounds each year in form of residual income and revenue from projects.

Most fine art photographers are self-employed. These professionals produce many works of art including galleries, exhibitions, contests and images for books. Being self-employed means, they have all the benefits that self-employed commercial and editorial photographers enjoy. In addition, they have creative freedom and opportunities to build their career profiles. Successful fine art photographers with good profiles can earn greater revenues from their existing artwork or increase demand for their services on different photography projects. The salary of fine art photographers is often less than that of salaried photographers. However, many fine art photographers supplement their income with commercial projects.

Baby Easter Clothes

With just over 1 month to go I wanted to show you some super cute designs to get your little one ready for his/her very first Easter with this selection of baby’s 1st Easter Bibs, Onesies and Tee’s. A great gift for baby too – It’ll be a couple more years until they fully hit on to the Easter Egg craze ;)

My 1st Easter Infant Bodysuit 1st Easter Label for baby Infant Bodysuit

My 1st Easter Bib My 1st Easter Bib

Lynnette Shelley at Redbubble

Lynnette is an award-winning contemporary mixed-media artist living in Philadelphia who creates the most strikingly beautiful, and detailed, animal paintings and illustrations which include fantasy, tribal and mythological creatures as well as the more every-day creatures that fill our lives.

Lynnette says “One of my primary interests has always been exploring legends and stories from around the world. In addition, I like to paint artworks incorporating endangered or extinct animals, and also unusual animals, to bring awareness to what we as humans are doing to our planet, as well as to explore all the varieties of life around us.”

As well as selling her work via Redbubble (featured below) Lynette also sells prints and originals over at Etsy.

Tell the Moon (March Hare) by Lynnette Shelley Bowerbird by Lynnette Shelley Flight of the Bumblebee III by Lynnette Shelley

White Heart (Portrait of a Barn Owl) by Lynnette Shelley Sunset Tiger by Lynnette Shelley The Chase by Lynnette Shelley

The Minotaur's Dream by Lynnette Shelley In the Wake of Poseidon by Lynnette Shelley The Pangolin by Lynnette Shelley

For more work and information about Lynnette see her website. You’ll also find her at Facebook and her blog; Pen and Think.

Hummingbird Business Cards

Does your business feature Hummingbirds in some way? Perhaps in the name or logo, as with The Hummingbird Bakery whose cookbook I received as Christmas gift, or maybe you have a tropical / nature / bird themed business where the hummingbird would make a fine addition to your business card design.

Either way the designers who sell via Zazzle have you covered, available in 3 sizes, various different paper types and fully customizable on the front and back here are 6 hummingbird business card designs to delight you and your customers.

Elegant Damask Event Coordinator Business Cards Colorful Hummingbirds Business Card

Nature & Wildlife Photographer Business Card Ruby-Topaz Hummingbird - Antique Vintage Look Business Cards

Elegant Business Card - Hummingbird Hummingbird Business Cards